Always on the cutting edge of technology, Lumenesse is proud to announce two major breakthrough's in window film history. First our Lumenesse Legacy NanoCeramic line, virtually clear film with Infra Red Heat rejections of up to 99% outperforming even our most prestigious competition. Our second major accomplishment is
Lumenesse 777-S the first ever Metro Dade Approved film for hurricane protection(NOA 13-0408.01) at a design pressure of 100psf. Buyer beware, when it comes to purchasing film for hurricane protection it is wise to choose a product that has a Metro Dade approval, but for those who sell's the law. Choose Lumenesse!

Lumenesse Window Films - Commercial Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting is a quick and effective way to increase your energy efficiency without the need of costly commercial replacement windows. Lumenesse commercial window films blocks solar heat while allowing natural sunlight to enter improving your tenants overall comfort.

Lumenesse Window Films - Residential Tinting

Residential Window Tinting offers an array of benefits including energy reduction, UV protection, privacy, safety and security. Lumenesse residential window films offer solutions for a wide variety of issues that home owners face. The energy savings will more than pay for the film in less than a few years.

Lumenesse Window Films - Government Tinting

Governmental Window Tinting is an increasingly cost effective way for property managers to increase energy efficiency, add safety, security and climate control for tenant and visitors. Lumenesse goverment window films reduce energy consumption, add security from vandalism, bomb blasts and storms.


*NEW* - Proclamation from Miami Dade County Office
For Lumenesse 777-S Hurricane Protection Film

Lumenesse Films have passed strict Miami-Dade Hurricane Protection Guidelines and received NOA

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UV, Solar, Safety & Security Film including Hurricane, Vandalism & Bomb Blast Protection.
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