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Children of Lumenesse" Orphanage Charity

"The Children of Lumenesse" Orphanage Charity

The Children of Lumenesse is a charity who's mission is to build and manage an orphanage for children around the world. One of the definitions for Lumen is "Light" and one of the definitions for Esse is "Being" beautiful to have the opportunity of "Being Light" to helpless children.

Our initial fundraiser goal is to have an adequate amount of funds to both build and maintain the orphanage for the first 3 years. Realizing that this may take some time, we want to make sure in the meantime, we are donating a portion of the fundraiser money to children's based charities so we can start making a difference right away. Every 6 months, we will take 10% of the fund and donate those funds to children's charities until we reach our initial development goal.


The different ways you can donate.

1. 5% of every roll of Lumenesse purchased by dealers goes directly into the fund so we encourage dealers to consider purchasing Lumenesse films and get both a better film and contribute to a great cause. Consumers can be a part of this donation by asking for Lumenesse films when purchasing window film services.

2. Make a financial donation. Our 501C3 Registration is currently pending. This registration will allow donors the ability to write off their donations. Until this time donations will not be tax deductible. We will update the information on this site as soon as it is finalized. At that time we will provide mail in, call in and online donation capabilities.

3. A donation of your time. When the time comes to build the orphanage, we will need people to help with all phases of construction. A donation of your time will cut our costs on building and allot more money to maintain the orphanage in years to come. We will have more details on how you can donate your time in the near future.

So in essence Lumenesse's mission is truly to save much more than energy.

- Rafael Fernandez

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