Lumenesse Classic: (Solar)

Architecturally Designed For Energy Savings

Lumenesse is the energy efficient investment that pays for itself several times over! Excessive solar heat passing through your windows can account for up to forty percent of your summer cooling bills. By reducing the amount of heat entering your home or building, Lumenesse significantly reduces cooling cost and strain on your cooling system requiring costly maintenance. The savings will be more significant as cooling cost start to rise. Energy efficient window film is the biggest bang for your energy buck in the market today. Lumenesse not only helps save energy but also helps save our environment.

The overall lowering of energy consumption resulting from installing Lumenesse, also decreases the demand for CO2 producing power facilities, in turn resulting in decreased emissions and a smaller overall carbon footprint on our planet. Lumenesse helps us do our part in securing the future for our children. Call Lumenesse Window Films at 305-470-2820 or 800-573-9979 to learn more about our Classic Solar Films and how they can help you! 


Lumenesse Films have passed strict Miami-Dade Hurricane Protection Guidelines