Lumenesse Safety 777-V (Vandalism)

Architecturally Designed For Vandalism Protection

Tough times require tough protection. Sadly enough the term “smash and grab” is becoming more and more common in our society. But with Lumenesse 777V on your windows you can reduce the risks of being one more victim. When talking about vandalism some people say “Well, I already have an alarm system…”, but, thieves are usually in and out long before anyone responds to the alarm. View Test Results: LUMENESSE 777V – Summary of Test Report 

Lumenesse 777V becomes a great compliment to an existing alarm because it adds a barrier to entry on the most vulnerable part of your home. Lumenesse makes it extremely difficult to go through your windows in the event of forced entry. Lumenesse 777V passed strict testing for security and hurricane protection from the Miami-Dade building department. Call Lumenesse Window Films at 305-470-2820 or 800-573-9979 to learn more.

Lumenesse 777-V | Vandalism Film Safety & Security Film Testing

Lumenesse 777-V Vandalism Film keeps glass in place when someone attempts to break-in through your windows. This video shows the difference without and with Lumenesse 777-V window film.


Lumenesse Films have passed strict Miami-Dade Hurricane Protection Guidelines